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GLONASS GPS "Galileo " Comparison of three systems


Currently, the world is running a global satellite navigation system has two main systems: one is the U.S. GPS system, the second is Russia's "Turkoglu Nasdaq" system. In recent years, Europe has its own characteristics proposed "Galileo" global satellite positioning program. Thus, future clouds in space will form a global satellite positioning system the United States, Russia, Europe and manipulation of GPS, "Turkoglu Venus," "Galileo" Three Systems "Jingfeng Liu" situation.

Champion GPS GPS system consists of 24 operating satellites and four spare satellites. They are distributed in six orbital planes, equally spaced, the angle between the orbital plane relative to the equator at 55 degrees, each orbital plane has four working satellites, the satellite's orbit nearly circular, orbit altitude of 2.01836 million kilometers, cycle around 12 hours. GPS to global coverage, unlimited number of users. Transmitting a signal encoding its fine and coarse code code. Refined code confidential, primarily to national and allied military users; coarse code available to their civil and used worldwide. Fine code location information given accuracy than the coarse code. GPS system to a continuous, timely and covertly positioning, a positioning time is only a few seconds to ten seconds, the user does not emit any electromagnetic signal, as long as the receiving satellite navigation signals to locate, so I can work around the clock day and night, good for hiding.

Not far behind the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system GLONASS satellites 21 have jobs, distributed in three orbital planes at the same time there are three backup star. Each satellite in the 19,100 km high orbit, the cycle is 11 hours and 15 minutes. For GLONASS satellite constellation has been running at reduced efficiency, is only 8 satellites to work properly. Accuracy than the GPS system, GLONASS accuracy is low. To this end, Russia is in the process to moderni

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