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GPS tracking device products


Product Name: GPS Tracking Locator Model: STV-168GR Introduction: STV-168GR is a personal GPS tracking device for the personal use of a GPS tracking device, a compact, stylish, durable battery, accurate positioning and high degree , can achieve real-time tracking, track playback and other functions.
STV-168GR personal GPS tracking device is also suitable for vehicles, valuable goods, pet positioning monitoring. The product is based on the GPS positioning satellite positioning system, automatic access to GPS information and other data information through cell phone text message feedback to the user of these data, users will be able to free Google Maps to locate the remote target or monitoring. You can also feature built-in GPRS data transmission to the monitoring center or the user's computer, real-time tracking, track playback and other functions. This product is compatible with a variety of monitoring software.

Main function of GPS tracking device: 1, positioning and monitoring functions: a global, real-time continuous monitoring of goals, to achieve positioning and monitoring 24 hours a day, positioning accuracy of 5-20 meters. 2, the electronic fence function: to set cut-off region, when the target out into the restricted area, the positioning terminal license number to the pre-set alarm or alarm to the monitoring center, return to the objectives of the control center latitude and longitude, speed, and other data . 3, the emergency alarm function: When an emergency situation, emergency button can be set to the pre-authorization number or control center issued a distress signal, and return target location data. 4, speed alarm function: set the speed limit on the tracker, the tracker will automatically pre-set speed when the authorization number or the alarm monitoring center and return the target location, speed and other information. 5, mobile alarm: the tracker is set to move the alarm state, when moving beyond the range of 200 meters (adjustable), the tracker

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