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Captured GPS tracking


Abstract: GPS News: In order to recover gambling debts owed to others, even dial "110" telephone pretended to be robbed, the police promptly arrested "robbery suspects", to expose the false police report lies, the end of a farce.
GPS News: In order to recover gambling debts owed to others, even dial "110" telephone pretended to be robbed, the police promptly arrested "robbery suspects", false police report exposed the lies, the end of a farce. May 18 afternoon, Police allegedly false report suspected gambling Zhu and Huang were both taken to the detention center.

May 17 afternoon, Longyan City Public Security Bureau "110" command center received a report said people "in the new sections of Luo Yang Xie Longmen area has three or four men to their pepper spray and stole six thousand yuan." Receiving the alarm, the goal out of the police rushed to the police station scene immediately, according to police description of the person, master, "robbery suspects" are traveling in a car license plate number. Police inquiries into the car through the information system for all lines of a car, the car is equipped with GPS positioning system. "110" emergency command center immediately started emergency disposal program, according to GPS tracking, scheduling gantry police station, police station west Pei, "110" police patrol car for more than 40 of the besieged, took only 4 hours on West Beizhen hospitals successfully intercepted the car door, arresting suspects, Hwang, Lee.

Police criminal investigation department of two people Tushen, Hwang confessed his gambling debts owed Zhu did not want to return, called the cousin, then he left and did not rob the case of Zhu. The informant reported that Zhu is a false alarm? Informant Zhu are the goal of the criminal police to the police station. The face of police interrogation, Zhu head down, admitting that he lied about police intelligence. It turned out the same day to a casino gambling Hwang, who gambled away with the two thousand dollars after the casino on the borrowed six thousand yuan Zhu and taken to the cleaners. Hwang collection to be in the Huang Zhu borrowed the money, Hwang will be taken to Longmen Xie Yang Zhu section, said Zhu upstairs to get money back, taking advantage of the occasion Zhu rise, the water will be homemade chili spray to the face, his cousin went to Lee rented car, leave the territory. Get the money, Zhu unwilling to dial "110" said they had been robbed, the police did not expect so soon captured Hwang, lies immediately exposed. "Police speed so fast that he called the police did not regret the opportunity to sneak away!" Zhu said after the truth frankly.

At present, Zhu as reported by the police according to false alarm administrative detention, also do not want to owe the penalty for Hwang also able to escape the police, also entered the detention center.

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