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GPS questions and more to teach you how to buy it right


Last August, Dongguan City Intermediate People's Court heard a dispute, the case involved a GPS century star product, the company could not be submitted as car GPS monitoring data during the incident, was sentenced to Peifu vehicles 20% of the sum insured Daoqiang Xian . Coincidentally, the owner recently received a news tip lines, the owner of Wang Jun (a pseudonym) Wan Jiang in Dongguan, a Japanese department store brand 4S GPS anti-theft tracking device is installed, while the vehicle is lost, GPS anti-theft device does not work completely, although the insurance company have been carried out in accordance with the owners of Daoqiang Xian damages, however, that the owners, car dealers and GPS service providers have the responsibility, he insisted to the dealers and the GPS service provider claims.

GPS market learned that a reporter visited Dongguan, GPS quality and service do exist many problems such as unknown guiding, monitoring, there are many blind spots and other issues.

Dongguan GPS on the market a lot of problems

San reporter recently, a car with GPS SEG professionals who visited the city several GPS auto parts businesses and shops within days, several sources of digital GPS shop in Hong Kong, found that many common problems, and the shop even said some of the staff, not understand the product, love it or leave.

One problem: Radiation large. Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province earlier detection of the GPS found that half of the GPS radiation exceeded, Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has begun to be marked in the GPS product is excessive radiation. The reporter interviewed found that many businesses sell products, radiation does not compliance. There are customers GPS-radiation is mostly at a loss. Liao Bu Town, Dongguan City International Auto Parts City, the reporter visited a number of the customer as GPS stores, sales staff are not aware that the products sold there may be radiation. The first floor of a city in the auto parts sto

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