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GPS: Logistics Management


Logistics and transport enterprises engaged in long-term information management system development and implementation, in and nearly one hundred different types and size of the depth of logistics and transport companies charge exchange, I understand that: logistics and transport companies to transport logistics in the increasingly brutal market to survive, we must constantly upgrade their management capacity, to keep a customer (that is, the owner side) perspective, continuing to explore how to better meet their needs.

Many logistics operators have recognized this problem, but the corporate management is complicated, requires management to do a lot. What most critical enterprise management logistics breakthroughs where?

In fact, to break through the management of logistics and transport enterprises passive situation, strive for greater market initiative and living space, is not no way, the vehicle transport process from the start and transparent monitoring and management, to enhance the management level of logistics and transport enterprises, establish their own trade brand and win the trust of customers is critical.

Why do you say? We think, if the vehicle transport process what issues will be opaque?

In specific business activities of the logistics and transport enterprises, the biggest costs is the cost of vehicle transport process takes place. While the vehicle is precisely the most difficult to manage. When the driver drove away, it seems that everything they say goes by the: obviously required to go fast, but he can bypass, only to get a lot of tolls reimbursement; obviously not for personal reasons, because the driver according to customer requirements arrived at the designated place of loading and unloading time, leading to customer dissatisfaction, but he said the road traffic congestion; clearly less than the number of vehicle-kilometers, he can hoax. All of these issues, so that operators keep track of.

More serious situation is that if you do not ha

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