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How to locate the GPS / how to locate the phone number to find someone


How to locate the GPS / how to locate the phone number to find someone trace phone number location in world

GPS is the English Global Positioning System (Global Positioning System) for short. GPS began in 1958, a US military project, put into use in 1964. The 20th century, 70 years, the United States land, sea and air forces jointly developed a new generation of satellite positioning system GPS. The main purpose is to provide real-time, all-weather and global navigation services for the three major areas of land, sea and air, and for military research, intelligence monitoring, emergency communications and some other military purposes, after more than 20 years of research experiments, cost 30 billion US dollars to 1994 , The global coverage of up to 98% of the 24 GPS satellite constellation has been completed. In the field of mechanical GPS there is another meaning: Geometrical product specifications (Geometrical Product Specifications) - referred to as GPS. Another explanation for G / s (GB per s)

GPS satellite constellation  track phone location by phone number

GPS work satellites and their constellations consisted of 21 working satellites and 3 on-orbit satellites to form GPS constellations, denoted as (21 + 3) GPS constellations. 24 satellites are evenly distributed in six orbital planes with an orbital inclination of 55 degrees, and the orbital planes are separated by 60 degrees, ie, the ascending distance of the orbit is 60 degrees. The elevation angle between the satellites in each orbital plane is 90 degrees, and the satellites on one orbital plane are 30 degrees ahead of the corresponding satellites on the adjacent orbital plane.

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