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Car GPS terminal equipment a comprehensive description


We see that the vehicle terminal A01 is installed in the construction of a taxi on the Silver GPS terminal equipment, terminal equipment installed in it, the service platform can be of service. The construction of the whole machine is relatively simple, from the appearance point of view it is very easy to install.

Complete set of equipment vehicle terminal

Looks like a black box

The host machine into a set of GPS, car display pagers, GPS antenna, CDMA network antennas and power. Simple structure makes installation is very convenient, as the input and output devices, you can display platform release of relevant information, and can engage in a dialogue with the platform. The car is also equipped with a microphone, drivers can receive free feature while driving.

GPS antenna and CDMA Antenna

When driving a taxi in Beijing area, the car terminal and GPS satellite positioning receivers as general information, through the CDMA network, real-time data will be uploaded to the service platform, service platform so that statistics can easily hire vehicles operating under the company situation.

Center for hands-free microphone with intercom

The corresponding information is displayed on the display

When the service platform, called the car received the appropriate service, will pass that information on the car terminal, load the appropriate information that taxi drivers can choose whether or when summoned, and then detailed information will be passed to the car, drivers can find the appropriate customer information.

It can be seen from the above, the entire device is not complicated, but function and we generally use a completely different car navigation devices, through the news release, confirmation steps, passengers and drivers in the middle of the formation of a bridge, so that only taxi service truly on call, pick on the service concept.

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