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Zhangjiajie GPS vehicle tracking to eliminate all bad phenomenon


The GPS track, adding a computer with Internet access or through the mobile Internet, panoramic view of the operation of your vehicle, clear display on your computer or mobile phone, no longer have to call you so cumbersome Things, the car's current driving situation every day, speed, position, the engine is turned on, can keep track of vehicle in real time, providing real-time vehicle positioning, the running track playback routes, vehicle fuel consumption and mileage statistics, vehicle management services. No matter what time you can easily find out how much each vehicle kilometers run? where the stopped car? even run the track that route! There is no speeding violation, speeding if real-time alarm system can be displayed one by one.

GPS tracking to prevent drivers stealing fuel, to prevent or report the driver out of nothing, chaotic reimbursement road toll and added fuel costs, repairs, and other forms of reimbursement, to prevent fraud fraud unit of the behavior of the driver. Real-time tracking of each vehicle and driver scheduling the work of supervision, guidance, to avoid the error when the drivers work, etc. to avoid the occurrence of Gongjusiyong and the resulting loss of vehicles, fuel waste, time consuming, and the Species may occur in the fine behavior of offenders, traffic accidents, traffic police department after being detained by the trailer, etc., delay also increases the use of vehicles deal of trouble, causing direct economic losses of units, while extending the life of the vehicle.

GPS tracking also has powerful anti-theft snatches function, the driver can be a timely warning that the circumstances, concealed notice the background, the background can operate the vehicle off the oil off. To ensure the safety of persons and vehicles.

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