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Mobile phone positioning a variety of ways.


Mobile phone positioning a variety of ways, satellite positioning, base station positioning, Wi-Fi positioning, inertial navigation and so on. gps mobile location trace .These several ways in the mobile phone positioning is a joint role, to ensure the continuity of mobile phone positioning and reliability.

If you want to track a mobile phone, the phone must pass the positioning results to the tracking party, usually through wireless transmission, such as Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3g, must be initiated by the mobile phone as the initiative, unless the phone in the virus Or Trojans.satellite mobile number track.

And like movie, the GPS tracker posted on the phone, I think it is impossible. I guess, the reason to be posted on the phone rather than affixed to the clothes or other places, nothing more than want to mobile phone positioning information, that is to say that the tracker can not be positioned, but only play a role in transmission, In this case, if the phone is turned off, the natural positioning information is gone.

And, I would like to know how the positioning information of the mobile phone is passed to the tracker. Step back, if the tracker itself can be positioned, want to do so small, not to be found, low power, but also very difficult.

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