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Mobile Locator GPS-GSM tracking


LM666追Mobile Locator GPS-GSM tracking

Mobile Locator GPS-GSM tracking
Mobile Locator GPS-GSM tracking
Mobile Locator GPS-GSM tracking
Mobile Locator GPS-GSM tracking

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  I. Introduction
GPS one, the base station positioning and satellite composite, made by Qualcomm developed and exclusive ownership of all patents, it will feature integrated GPS receiver and transmit to the same chip, saving space and cost, but also improves the localization accuracy of GPS is the future direction of development.
 1, the working principle of:
LM666 will receive the GPS satellite signal and the CDMA base station signal, through a wireless communication network system operator to derive precise location information, location information and then sent to the receiving terminal.
 2, mode:
 GPS signal coverage in place, the GPS signal with the CDMA base station signal by computing the precise platform location information, the GPS signal blind area, use the CDMA base station signal is a relatively accurate positioning information operations.
 3, use:
① The query object is in working condition must carry a special receiving terminal, the terminal is equipped with open Unicom "Dingweizhixing" the UIM card.
② check is required to clearly check the user number and password goals.
③ The main functions: time queries, real-time queries, historical trajectory query, group query and extended to the scheduling, alarm and map queries.
④ inquiries ways: 1, Internet 2, SMS
Second, the main application
Facilitate the achievement of long-range goal of precise positioning of a third party, covert monitoring whereabouts.
 1, individual: for personal care, lost, abducted, kidnapping and other cases, for help, police, special populations monitored.
 2, the industry: transportation, logistics, postal serv

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