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Global positioning satellite (GPS) technology to various areas


With the progress of the level of life and death, wireless communication technology and global positioning satellite (GPS) technology is increasingly applied to the beginning of all aspects of daily life. Either the car or search for security monitoring and maintenance of the loss of children or elderly people with intellectual disabilities, wireless communications (GSM) and DGPS technology play an important role. GSM-based wireless communication network cover a large range of data has been compromised, good use of Bento, the capital is low. Separate GPS system, GSM system to the vehicle and personnel location information transmitted through the wireless communication link to mobile phone users to complete the monitoring of vehicles and people.

Yushchenko GPS system design applications for the loss of children or the elderly mentally retarded position location data through the GSM network will be sent to the user, due to the short audio business is based on the number of short messages sent charges, just a short time limit of 140 audio bytes can be, the data long enough to send GPS location information. Low-cost way to be able to complete the maintenance of children and the elderly. This system uses the commonly used, inexpensive AT89C52 microcontroller, SIRF accept third-generation GPS module and GSM module TC35i design.

Personal Positioning System hardware design
Personal locator system consists of four local composition, the GSM module, GPS accept the machine module, the MCU control circuit and power circuit. As the acceptance of GPS location data module; GSM module send and receive text messages under the control of the microcontroller; MCU control circuit to stop GPS location data analysis, and based on the user's settings accordingly disposed of. Power circuit are generated by the 7805 and LM294lCS to +5 V and +4.2 v DC voltage. +5 V DC voltage as a single chip, GPS module, the power supply, +4.2 V DC voltage should be provided in the use of GSM modules.

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