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How to optimize consumer GPS systems within the electronic equipment


Location Tracking (Position tracking) may become the most popular consumer electronics market, and therefore one of the most important emerging technology. Position to know a person's benefits, so that consumers growing demand for such services. Today, this based on global navigation satellite systems (Global Navigation Satellite System, GNSS) technology-based location tracking is no longer limited to such as mapping, sea navigation, car or expensive handheld devices like high-end applications. Several recent innovations in GNSS technology, coupled with consumption of the overall progress and development of electronic devices, location tracking services may have made in mobile phones and personal navigation devices (PND) and other cost-sensitive implementation of many applications.

However, to the introduction of GNSS in consumer electronics applications, developers must try to keep costs to a minimum, but also to maximize the performance and accuracy. In addition, applications such as mobile phones and the like, in the design will be subject to some additional constraints, such as battery life and more limited size of the equipment and so on. And, because many consumer electronics developers are not familiar with GNSS radio frequency (RF) technology, the design process becomes more complicated.

Software-based GNSS

In the past 10 years, digital multimedia services, the consumer electronics industry has made new look. Consumer electronics for digital audio / video capabilities has made the demand for the evolution of its structure, sufficient to achieve such services have the processing power and storage resources. These consumer electronics are available processing and storage resources can also be used to implement software-based GNSS technology, and cost-effective.

Traditionally, the location tracking function has been through a separate hardware module (see Figure 1) to achieve. Location tracking based on those applications, the use of this module is a good c

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