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The suspects fled in four provinces mobile positioning software to find murderers


News Reporter Sun Yilei Yangcheng Evening News reported: Hui to murder after assaulting a police officer, a suspect in Guangdong police video in high-speed intersection, which makes the captain Wang Yiwu Criminal Investigation unit --- is not that what aroused them in tracking suspects in kidnapping case Why? In the following day, Yiwu police suspect through use of high-tech means to lock the phone number and locate the suspects have fled to Fujian, it all rushed killing case cracked the key.

Last night, hunt for suspects in Xiamen Yiwu line king Criminal Investigation Brigade captain, back to the hotel to accept Yangcheng Evening News interview, suspects about the process of tracking the past few days.

Crime: kidnapping occurred Yiwu

July 3, police received a report of Yiwu, a pair of young lovers missing the previous night after watching the film. Young man working in Shanghai from Zhejiang, the girl is the work of primary school teachers in Yiwu, the two Lexus cars driving on Friday night go to the movies, after 12 o'clock at night, the phone can not get through the shutdown, no audio .

Yiwu surveillance video from the investigating police. Found in late July 2, missing from the theater parking lot a car out, to the Jinhua direction. To at 20:00 on July 4, and this car on a high-speed cards in the mouth of Jinhua, drivers have been replaced by another man. Subsequently, the car all the way to the Yangjialing Shangrao under a high-speed.

Missing bank account this time there are exceptions. July 3 morning, the missing person's bank card, ATM machines appeared query records. At 3:00 on July 5 more missing persons bank account to be taken away in Shangrao Yanshan County, 13,000 yuan in cash.

Tracking: clues to break in Shangrao

Wang said the captain midnight July 3 suspects over bank card check until July 4 to leave at the junction of Jinhua in high speed during one day's time, does not appear in the surveillance video of the road. This reminds the police, the

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