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GLONASS system structure and principle


Global navigation system (GLObal NAvigation Satellite System), called GLONASS, which is a summary of the former Soviet Union in the first generation of satellite navigation systems on the basis of CICADA, absorbing part of the U.S. GPS system, the experience, since 12 October 1982 launched the beginning of the second generation navigation satellite systems. On January 18, 1996 to complete the design of satellite data (24), and start the whole operation. GLONASS's primary role is to achieve global, all-weather navigation and positioning, real-time, the other, but also for global time transfer. Currently, GLONASS by Russia responsible.

GLONASS system and the composition and working principle is very similar to GPS, but also into space satellites, ground control and user equipment 3:

1, the space satellite parts. Space satellites in part by the 24 GLONASS satellites, including the work of the satellite 21, three spare satellites in orbit, evenly distributed in three orbital planes. Three orbital planes cross into the 120 degree angle, uniformly distributed on each track 8 satellites, orbit altitude of about 19100km, orbital eccentricity was 0.01, orbital inclination of 64.8 degrees. This ensures that the distribution of any place on Earth at any one time can be received at least four satellite navigation information for the user's navigation and positioning to provide protection. GLONASS satellites are each equipped with satellite stability of cesium atomic clock, and receives the ground control station and control the navigation information and instructions, on-board computer on which the navigation information for processing to generate the navigation message broadcast to the user, control information is used to control the operation of the satellite in space.

2, the ground monitoring part. Ground monitoring part of the GLONASS satellites to achieve the overall maintenance and control. It includes the system control center (located in Moscow Golitsyn Novo) and sca

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