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Introduction to Satellite Tracking GPS Technology


First referring to the next location technology, a more commonly used is the GPS, that is, global satellite positioning technology. There is UWB (ultrawideband, UWB) technology uses triangulation triangulation method accurately calculate the user's location using UWB technology enables the positioning error within 2 cm superior to the global satellite positioning technology.

Enhanced 911

The current location services in North America began in 1996, where the Federal Communications Commission adopted the controversial Enhanced 911 Act, the bill, in 1999 again amended to require wireless operators in the 50 to 100 meters within the positioning of a mobile phone . Call any phone as long as the emergency services call the National 911, to find you, even if you do not know where you are. Meanwhile, the first demonstration of this ability has been started in some places. Starting from late 2002, the Sprint PCS network has been equipped with emergency locator capabilities. Other networks such as Cingular Wireless, has successfully completed the test in Wilmington positioning technology.

Positioning technology for mobile phones that do not need to make much changes. Positioning methods may be used information from the GPS, but not often used. How would depend on implementation of positioning technology to play a fundamental role in the mobile phone network. In Europe, the main mobile phone standard is GSM, GSM is now also popular in the U.S.. On GSM networks, positioning technology called Uplink Time Difference of Arrival. This technique relies on a triangular form: it requires at least three mobile phone base stations to receive signals, and then the three different signal arrival time to calculate position. Dense urban areas in the base station is the highest accuracy. This technique does not require customers to buy a new phone, it will not affect network performance.

The CDMA network is a CDMA network, and its location technology is known as assisted GPS, as the nam

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