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GPS technology and seismic monitoring earthquake


Geodynamics is a departure from the whole movement of the Earth, from Earth's interior and surface movement of tectonic evolution of its power, and then seek the drive mechanism. The basic problem is to study the Earth's deformation and deformation mechanisms. 

The concept of plate tectonics, led to a major revolution in science, between the tectonic plates and plate movement theory can be set up or being accepted, are required to get the latest global plate motion supported by direct measurements. In addition, the dynamic mechanism of plate motion, plate and plate margin of movement within the complexity of the fine description in terms of measurement results to be more perfect. 

Eastern China by the Western Pacific Ocean-type subduction, the impact of cuts, resulting in a series of back-arc spreading and extension of the continental margin rift basin sea; the west and southwest by the Indian plate and the Qinghai-Tibet block after the collision of the tectonic crust effect, the formation of different geological periods nappe. Crustal movement Zeyi rapid uplift of the Tibetan Plateau and activities along with a huge strike-slip or reverse slip is characterized by strong changes. According to the limited observation, the annual rate of horizontal movement of up to l ~ 4cm, the vertical movement rate per annum 1cm. This shows that while there are two contemporary theory of plate tectonics boundaries of the most representative of that continent - the collision of continental crust and oceanic  type subduction of continental crust boundary, both with a major global tectonic significance, but also has a unique evolution. Crustal movement here is diverse, complex nature, landscape clear, is important in the global dynamics of the special status of the experimental field. 

Thus, whether from the geodynamics, plate tectonics, or the Tibetan Plateau uplift, the use of high precision, high spatial and temporal resolution, dynamic real-time quantitative observation tec

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