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Mobile phone positioning system technology


Mobile phone positioning system refers to the technology or service that obtains the position information (longitude and latitude coordinates) of the mobile phone or terminal user through a specific positioning technology and marks the position of the positioned object on the electronic map.

Mobile positioning system is not necessarily mobile GPS positioning, first talk about positioning technology, there are two positioning technologies, one is based on GPS positioning, one is based on the mobile operator network base station positioning. GPS-based positioning is the use of mobile phone GPS positioning module to send their own location signal to the positioning background to achieve mobile positioning. Base station is to use the base station to measure the distance of the cell phone to determine the location of the phone. The latter does not require the phone to have GPS positioning capabilities, but the accuracy depends largely on the base station's distribution and coverage size, sometimes exceeding one kilometer. The former positioning accuracy is higher. In addition there are ways to use wireless Internet access in a small area.

According to the way of providing services, mobile location system can be divided into two kinds: own mobile location system and public location system can be divided into two kinds of positioning according to the different functions of the mobile phone, SMS version of mobile phone positioning and WAP version of mobile phone positioning is reasonable. The use of these positioning systems can provide a lot of convenience to life or work.
Through the analysis of the mobile phone GPS and mobile location system, we can see the difference and contact between the two, although the mobile phone integrated GPS has been used now, but not yet universal, with the development of GPS technology and mobile phone performance improvements, mobile GPS and Mobile positioning system should be one of the basic functions of the phone.


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