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A-gps navigation digital map outline Assessment


One. Introduction
(A) Objective evaluation
The evaluation framework provides the "2006 China navigation digital map products evaluation" requirements, contents, methods, standards, evaluation of this work is the fundamental basis.
The purpose of this evaluation is: through the digital map production units in China Documentation and evaluation of outcomes to assess the results of the data reference unit as the legality, accuracy, completeness, is the potential and applicability. Application for the navigation data unit choose the right digital map products for the state administrative departments and units to understand the basic situation, the navigation data for the manufacturing industry in China to find out the current development, to provide objective, impartial, comprehensive and accurate reference data.

II. Evaluation of projects
The main object of this evaluation is the use of car navigation equipment, digital map products.
The evaluation work is divided into three parts:
1. Enterprise Status Assessment: the types of documentation for the object to assess the company's production capacity, policies and regulations, market coverage, intellectual property and other conditions.
2. Navigation map database evaluation: to specify the content areas and the data object to assess the content of navigation data in the database, quality, data models and other technical indicators.
3. Navigation Map Product Evaluation: The navigation digital map loaded into the car navigation device, the indoor and outdoor testing, the main assessment of the current situation of the navigation data, accuracy, correctness and applicability.
In the three stages of evaluation, based on a comprehensive analysis, the final evaluation conclusions are given.

III. The basic requirements of data
Eligible, products must have independent intellectual property rights. Other units may not carry the controversial products or property PARTICIPATING.

IV. Enterprise Status Assessme

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