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how to track a mobile no with gps


how to track a mobile no with gps,GPS positioning system to find someone's location, what can be achieved accuracy?

locate cell phone by number,This is not only the relationship between the positioning of the product performance, but also related to the target location in which the environment. Assuming your GPS positioning system is very good, if the target figure in the empty environment, the positioning accuracy can reach 5 meters or less. But the target task is under the shelter, positioning accuracy is more vague, about 50-100 meters. Of course, the environment is more complex, then the positioning accuracy will be even worse

Software is free! To achieve GPS positioning and network positioning, so you quickly locate the people you need to find, and satellite map to show you
The software can be implemented:
1. The orientation of the person currently being positioned
2. You can get the positioning accuracy of the person being positioned, in meters
3. Can get the positioning time, real-time monitoring of positioning status
4. Select GPS positioning (Beidou positioning), the highest can be accurate to 5 meters
5. If you choose GPS positioning (Beidou positioning), please choose to open areas because GPS (Beidou positioning) can not penetrate obstacles
6. The person's longitude and dimension
Tip: Currently only support China's mobile phone positioning before use, you must open the GPS positioning and network positioning function
Child care, the elderly track the staff field, travel sharing sharing, location sharing must choose! locate cell phone by number

(GPS, base station, WIFI three modes) and mobile trajectory records, and also can achieve short messages, call records, address book access, for you in the home (mobile phone positioning to find someone) can provide accurate location Members of the custody, corporate staff positioning, or travel, by car, riding and other trajectory records to provide quality services.


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